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Watermelon Eating Contest

Watermelon Eating Contest


Stevie Walker-Webb with Joanna Lugo & Lili Stiefel

Written by:

Stevie Walker-Webb

Adapted from:

"The Watermelon Eating Contest" by Dr. Danny Hoey

Set Design:

Yizhu Pan

Costume Design:

Retfalvi Eszter

Lighting Design:

Kelly “K” A. Rudolph

Sound Designer:

Justin Propper


Erin Pettigrew


The Walker Theater


Produced By:

NYU Tisch Grad Acting/Design



Ella Bromblin, Yizhu Pan


• How do we engage the violent history of the past in a way that doesn’t doom us to it?

• How do we teach this generation how to avoid the mistakes of yesterday?

• What does it mean to be an activist in today’s society?

• What causes are worth fighting for? How do we organize to make a lasting impact and create real change?

The Watermelon Eating Contest comically and critically poses the questions, but none of us have answers and maybe there are no right or wrong answers. It’s about our history, about who we are, and how we connect ourselves.

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