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The @'s



C. Julian Jiménez

Playwright / Composer:

C. Julian Jiménez

Set Design:

Yizhu Pan

Costume Design:

Ari Fulton

Lighting Design:

Peter Leibold


Shadowbox Theater


Produced By:

Queensborough Performing Arts Center


The @'s is a play about intimacy in a moment of disconnect. 

The exploration of intimacy through disconnection reach beyond the performance space. How can we approach the old and the new to create a new way of performance? This is what this play is exploring.

Cast members used InstagramLive to stream the play from each character’s perspective. Essentially the audience was able to watch live and audience members not able to attend in person could watch on Instagram Live, switching from character to character to tune in.This play can serve whatever the technology needs are based on where we are with Covid-19.

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