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Written by:


Translation by:

Anne Carson

Set Design :
Yizhu Pan


The women of Troy are held captive in containers and escorted by soldiers on the battleship, which floats with the vicissitudes of their fate in the vast ocean as some kind of eternity that is greater than humanity is witnessing the feuds and grudges of the human world on the battleship.


Oppression and resistance round after round with truth and greed being stirred, get submerged by wave after wave of the sea, and then emerge out of the water again and again, forming a pattern that has repeated itself from Greece to contemporary society. It is likely that all of us will be eventually swallowed up by the sea and annihilated by nature.

In my story, the container that holds the women captive, is the camp for prisoners. The battleship that controls the containers is the world of the men who have dominant power. The huge mirror in the background symbolizes the infinite ocean beyond the battleship, like the eyes from a superior level that are watching all the tragedies of the world.

The mother who lost her child kills the child of her enemy with her own hands. The armless women in exile who have become prisoners take revenge with their own hands. The king who rules his people with massive military power, is powerless to change his fate. We are all complicated yet tiny beings wandering on the ocean of destiny.

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